Browsing And Shopping

How to order?

1. Search products using the search bar on the upper right hand corner or navigate through the categories in the menu (i.e.: catalog > painting materials)


2. Select the category you are looking for.

3. Select the item you want.

4. Add the item to your cart.

5. Open your cart and check the items you added, you may increase/decrease the quantity. After checking your items you may proceed by selecting Check Out.

6. Enter your contact information and shipping information. Proceed by selecting Continue to Shipping.

7. Choose and select which shipping method you prefer. Proceed by selecting Continue to Payment.

8. Choose and select which payment method you prefer. Order will be placed once selecting Complete Order. 

9. An update will be sent to your email address.

Things to keep in mind

- Remember to review your items before you proceed to Checkout.

- Double check if your order is correct, before confirming payment.

I can't seem to find the item that I'm looking for. What do I do?

- You can DM us on IG project_workshop or Facebook