Customer Care


Browsing And Shopping

How to order?

1. Search products using the search bar on the upper right hand corner or navigate through the categories in the menu (i.e.: catalog > painting materials)


2. Select the category you are looking for.

3. Select the item you want.

4. Add the item to your cart.

5. Open your cart and check the items you added, you may increase/decrease the quantity. After checking your items you may proceed by selecting Check Out.

6. Enter your contact information and shipping information. Proceed by selecting Continue to Shipping.

7. Choose and select which shipping method you prefer. Proceed by selecting Continue to Payment.

8. Choose and select which payment method you prefer. Order will be placed once selecting Complete Order. 

9. An update will be sent to your email address.

Things to keep in mind

- Remember to review your items before you proceed to Checkout.

- Double check if your order is correct, before confirming payment.

I can't seem to find the item that I'm looking for. What do I do?

- You can DM us on IG project_workshop or Facebook

Payment And Processing

How do I pay? What payment methods are accepted?

- We have Cash On Delivery (COD) for same day delivery and standard shipping in Metro Manila only.

- We also have online payment via: GCASH, BDO Unibank, EastWest Bank and Paypal payments (for credit card purchases).

After I order in your website, what will i do next?

- If you opted for online payments, please send us screenshot of payment & we’ll update you regarding the shipping fee & ship your products as soon as possible.

- If you opted for COD, we’ll send you an update regarding the shipping fee & ship your products as soon as possible.

Why do the prices of some items change?

- Prices in our online store are subject to change without prior notice and this could be a result of a supplier price change or marketing promotions.

Delivery Concerns

Where in the Philippines do you ship and what shipping provider do you use?

- We ship nationwide via multiple delivery partners.

How much is the shipping fee?

- The shipping fee will depend on your location and weight/size of items ordered, final shipping price will be given through updates on your given phone number or you may ask immediately to find out through our social media accounts.

-For orders that opted for online payment, you are only given 24 hours to show your proof of payment, exceeding the allotted time results in cancellation of your order. 

What are your shipping options?

- We have same day delivery for areas in Metro Manila or depending if our courier partners delivers in your area.

- For Standard Shipping: Metro Manila Price depends on your area and the size / weight of your item. It ranges from 100-200 pesos and shipping is from 2-5 working days.

- For Provincial Shipping: price depends on your area and the size/ weight of your item. It ranges from 160-400 pesos and shipping is from 5-7 working days.

Note: For large size orders like 30x40 boards and canvases, shipping fee may increase.

When will my order be shipped?

If you opted for same day delivery, COD or online are your options for payments, we’ll send you an update regarding the shipping fee & ship your products as soon as possible.

- Standard Shipping payments may be COD or online. Order will be shipped out the same or next working day after payment. Expect to receive your order in 2-5 working days.

-Provincial Shipping payment must be online. Proof of payment must be shown, once confirmed your order will be shipped. Expect to receive your order in 5-7 working days.

- No shipping on Sundays and on holidays. Shipping schedule on holidays vary depending on the courier partner's operational schedule. 

Why haven't I received my package?

- Delivery delays due to the weather for the same day delivery or unforeseen circumstances. But don't worry we will update you.

-For Standard and Provincial Shipping we receive updates about delays and issues from our courier partners and will relay them immediately to you. 

Order Damaged, Returns And Cancellations

My order is damaged when I received it, what do I do?

- Calm down. Message us and send a photo of the damaged item and we will review the shipped items if the damage was before or during the shipment. 

Can I return or exchange an item I just received?

- Items shipped are carefully checked, prepared and packaged, we are not liable for any damages after the shipment, only in special situations do we consider Return/Exchange of  an item.

- We hold the right to deny Return/Exchanges if the item returned does not meet our return policy requirements.

- Items received that are different from what you ordered are valid for Return/Exchange and delivery fee will be shouldered.